Setting up Your Phone or Mobile Device

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot set up your phone if you have not yet logged into your account and set your password. Also, when you change the password on your account you will also need to update your password on your phone.

Turn off WiFi.

Go to Settings.

Choose "Add Account"
Choose "Microsoft Exchange"
User email:
Password: (whatever your password currently is)
Username: username (not your email address!)
Server:            OR
Domain: stamfordadmin

Please note, you cannot set up your phone until you have logged in once and set up a password. if you change your password, you must change it on your phone as well. This is not automatic.

Some devices may require a "Manual Setup". If you get any error messages, i.e. cannot connect to the server, please click Continue.
If email does not populate within a few minutes, please delete account and re-add.
For Android Users: If all else fails, please download Microsoft Outlook App for mobile devices and use this App to set up your city email using the above information.

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