It's easy to change your password!

It's a good idea to change your password from time to time. The City of Stamford now has a password management system that will allow you to change or reset your email password (admin network) on your own without having to contact the help desk. This will be especially useful for those users who do shift work or access their email regularly after regular business hours. if you forget your password, you may reset it yourself using our system. If you are a teacher or other SPS employee, please note that this system currently is for your email passwords, and not your curriculum accounts.

The link to enroll your account is here:

If you don't wish to set this up now, you can also change your password in Outlook Web App.

In the upper left corner of your mailbox, click the little arrow to the right of "Options" to get a menu.

You will go to a new screen with all of your options with the password section chosen. Enter your current password and then choose a new password of wight characters or more. be sure to click save when you are done. (If you have a very wide screen, the "Save" could be very far to the right.

Remember to make sure that only you know your password and that you choose something you can remember, but also something that is not too easy for others to guess.

As always, if you have any questions, please call the helpdesk at 977-4936. Also, if you cannot remember your password at all, you can call the helpdesk and they will help to reset it for you.

Thank you, Dulce Weigel
City of Stamford
Email Administrator

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